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The biggest threat to online booty calls part 2

hotshavedIt is not the localization

A lot of these dating sites offer weak localization. This is just a fancy way of saying that there are no women in your local area. How can you get laid in your city if there are no women in your city who have joined a particular dating site? Do you see my point here?

The good news is that this alone doesn’t kill the chances of a free online dating site. There are lots of guys that would gladly jump in their car and travel an hour, two hours, or even five hours away just to stick their dicks in some hot tight pussy.

This is not the problem. This is not the threat that I’m talking about. It’s something much more sinister, it’s something much more evil.

Spammers pose the greatest threat

If you are still in suspense as to what the greatest threat to free online dating is, I’m revealing it right now: spammers. That’s right. Spammers will destroy the value of any free dating site that promises to get you laid. Why? They populate the whole website with fake profiles.

As I mentioned earlier, fake profiles in of themselves would not kill the site. In fact, they would draw more real members. No, the real reason why spammers can kill websites is because all these profiles push the members to go to another dating site or to websites that are unrelated. We’re talking about penis enlargement, webcam shows, live strip shows. . . Whatever. Make no mistake about it, spammers can destroy solid free online dating sites unless the members and the owners work together to keep the level of spam down.

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Babes Porn Sites Reviewed

EROTIC nude babes sites are like the wonderful wild flowers of the internet.

They seem to appear everywhere and your first glance is always drawn to the colourful website designs and of course the absolutely stunning models. But have you ever wondered what you get for your hard earned dollars if you join up for all the exclusive content..?

If you’ve ever considered signing up as a member to a softcore babes porn site what has stopped you? Obviously in some instances the price might be prohibitive – but in general ask yourself why you haven’t joined and the answer might surprise you. As a babe blogger for over a decade I’ve had feedback from surfers just one click away from signing on the dotted line only to pull out (lol) at the last second. The reason it seems their head doesn’t trust their cock – if only that was the case off line lol.

If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation and you would rather get a sneak peek inside the members area before signing up – then a reputable porn review site such as should be in your surfing armoury. A genuinely honest review site will not only hit you with the hard facts – amount of images/videos etc – but also tell you straight and with no BS exactly what you can expect once you’ve been given the key to unlock all the hot porno.

I’ve used one of my favourite nude babes sites the awesome 1 By Day as an example of the style of Porn Tips:

with the massive amount of high-quality content this is a site that’s definitely a winner and worth joining. 1By-Day is “1 of a kind

I suggest using this site every single time you’re considering signing up to a xxx site – not only could they save you a few bucks – they might also lead you a totally different direction when it comes to joining a porn site! With every genre of porn reviewed – from amateur to anal – blow-jobs to boobs and back – there’s plenty to get your cock interested and indeed your head in agreement!


Pure Erotic Nudes Blog

WELCOME to an erotic nudes blog that’s so good even the nude models want to tell the world to go take a look!!!

This is the awesome Naked Ladies and this is a little slice of erotic paradise. Run by a Swedish babe blogger with a fabulous eye for beautiful women – this simply designed yet elegant nude babes blog is absolutely fabulous!!!

Filled with fantastic nude models – nude websites are more than a few sexy surprises – this nudes blog will totally turn you on. Featuring only the classiest – the most elegant and erotic nude photographs – you’re in for a rare treat as you delve deep into it’s pages.

All the favorite nude models are here and of course expect only the finest erotic art nude sites such as FEMJOY – Errotica Archives – Breathtakers – Body in Mind and the delightful DOMAI to name but a few.

There’s also a fabulous collection of lesser known erotica sites and an abundance of brand new erotic art photographers. I particularly enjoyed the work of Allio Art and a sexy newcomer to me at least – In The Crack.

I mentioned the blog owner hails from Sweden – home of some of the most beautiful nude blond girls in the world – and trust me guys he doesn’t let us down – there’s a huge selection of stunning girls from his native country. This babe blog really is like an exotic and erotic trip around the globe with sexy babes from South Africa – eastern Europe and the states adding to the cosmopolitan mix of naked beauties.

Adding a little spice to the blog comes a delightful little spanking came from the sexy as sin girls at Clare Fonda – and for those of you wishing your partner would try a little gentle bondage there’s even an article showing you how to convince them to give a bit of kinky sex a go!!!

All in all this is a very accomplished and ultra sexy blog that offers up stunning naked ladies – amazing erotica and tasty little erotic tidbits every step of the way. I suggest you visit and bookmark now.


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