How To Use Role Models for Free Hookup Site Success

sexyass If you’ve been to the typical free hookup site, you probably have seen all sorts of guys’ profiles who are hooking up with all these hot women. It’s very easy to see which women have dated which guys. Many highly social dating websites don’t make a secret of at least showing the profiles that have gone out with each other.

Well, if you pay closer attention to these pairings, one pattern should jump out at you. In fact, it should jump out at you and slap you with its dick. I am, of course, referring to the fact that a lot of these guys look exactly like a pile of horse shit.

That’s right. We’re not talking about looking a little bit like a horse’s ass or looking like some sort of syphilis infested penis, but we’re talking about exactly like a pile of shit. They’re nothing to look at. In fact, their own mothers probably puke after looking at their faces.

But there they are, just like most members on getting all that pussy. And here you are, jerking off to the pictures of these hot women that obviously love sucking on and jumping up and down these pathetic and ugly looking dudes’ dicks. Do you see what went wrong?

Well, the problem here is that a lot of guys consider these dudes as such perennial losers that they think that these guys are beneath them They think that these guys have absolutely no game and they have absolutely no business trying to learn from these dudes. Well, let me tell you, nothing succeeds better than success.

If you want to be successful and you don’t want to put in the huge amount of time, effort and personal embarrassment of learning things first hand, then you need to listen up. You need to set your ego aside and identify those sad, pathetic looking loser types who get the pussy all day, every day. For some reason or another, they’re getting more action than you.

Now, you need to swallow your pride and join the typical free hookup site and learn from these guys. Follow their profiles, copy some elements from their profiles, and run experiments.

Again, for this to work, you have to set your ego aside. If you think that these guys are worthless and are complete idiots, then you’re not going to learn from them because you don’t respect them. If you don’t have the proper role models, then it’s going to be very hard to achieve any kind of success at a free hookup site.

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